Team Building

Team-Building-photo-of-Tour-de-FranceHow strong is your team? Are they working together or against each other? Do they get along or get even? Do they put themselves first or reach out to support one another? Do you really have a team or just a collection of individuals that by happenstance, manage to do well enough despite their collective shortcomings?

Truth be told, we all have our shortcomings. As leaders, we need to understand our staffs’ weaknesses all while helping them to improve for themselves and the organization. Everyone would readily agree that the world would be a far different place if people first looked out for each other before taking care of themselves. Can you imagine? When this concept alone becomes the default philosophy, we transform our organizations for the better.

Statistics related to high-functioning organizations clearly show these organizations get it. It’s not a matter of exuding the new “flavor of the month” but building an organizational culture that’s sustainably gratifying, respectful and ethically speaking; hard-working.  The top 100 BEST ORGANIZATIONS TO WORK FOR didn’t get on the list by happenstance. We know because we’ve worked for some of them. Their leadership made methodical and deliberate decisions to transform themselves. Some of them have been on the list for multiple years. Consequently, they continue to attract the top talent.

Team-Building-photo-of-airplanesCool Landing has an infinite number of ideas to assist your staff in discovering their unique, self-awareness. Research has shown that when individuals gain self-awareness, their success increases exponentially. Understanding their own limitations, behavioral preferences and the dynamics of the team they’re associated with, team members can more readily chart a path upwards.

Cool Landing has experience and background in using DISC Personality Assessments, Myers-Briggs and other evaluative tools to get your staff or executives started. From there, understanding what motivates or inhibits team members is powerful. When we understand how our coworkers work best and react in different situations, we become more successful in our personal interactions and therefore the workplace.

We’ve performed Team Building for both public and private sector organizations around the country. We tailor our exercises, events and team building sessions to coincide with your needs. We also provide the necessary balance between fun, suspense, excitement and uncertainty; with talking about the serious matters that your employees have to deal with on a day to day basis. We deal in reality with your folks which is why Cool Landing remains credible and true to helping individuals and organizations thrive!

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