Strategic Planning


“Cool Landing led us through the development of a comprehensive Strategic Plan which facilitated greatly increasing our performance ….They clearly went the extra mile for us…”
Richard Bell
President, Planning Capital Management

What’s so important about Strategic Planning?

Proper Strategic Planning allows an organization to direct the spotlight for your leadership, employees and stakeholders to where the organization intends to be at some point in the future.

Strategic Planning is a disciplined process that encourages an organization to set priorities, focus resources and operational processes towards achieving specific objectives in order to reach a strategic goal. The Strategic Planning process ultimately drives decision making, resource expenditure, partnering agreements and effectively articulates the direction your organization will be deliberately taking.

No less important, your strategy should contain high level metrics that are clearly defined but also attainable. Too many organizations lose credibility immediately by defining success with altruistic, intangible, “shoot for the stars” metrics or “feel-good” words that leave stakeholders and employees alike simply scratching their heads. In other words, when an organization has an effective Strategic Plan, employees not only know what it is, but they have already bought into and whole-heartedly embrace that plan; they understand exactly what they individually need to focus on, to help move their organization forward.

When you engage your employees and ask about their understanding of your Strategic Plan and they really don’t know, that’s indicative of a problem. They’re simply working for a paycheck. This is short-sighted for them and your organization.

Cool Landing has the experience and know-how to take your staff through the following considerations of the Strategic Planning Process:

  • Leadership
  • Culture & Values
  • Strategic Thinking/Planning
  • Buy-in and Alignment
  • Process Improvement
  • Performance Measurement/Management
  • Sustainability & Maintenance

The result will be a Strategic Plan that makes clear sense; has purpose and value for everyone that matters. Contact Cool Landing at (207) 636-7400 so that we might guide you towards thinking innovatively, smartly and strategically!