Process Improvement – Lean Certified

Process-Improve-webHave you ever detected that sense of sheer frustration by your employees, first line supervisors or executive staff? What’s driving it and where is it coming from? Or have you ever seen a management team that dodges making decisions or has meetings on top of meetings with nothing being resolved?

These are signs of many things but mostly their signs of a lack of a clear, strong, Organizational Development culture that reflects a mentality of Continuous Improvement. Processes are broken, management can’t commit to making a decision, trust between management and staff is waning, things are done in piecemeal fashion and everyone is simply looking out for themselves. This is an organization that is merely existing in spite of itself. Many of folks may just be doing their best to get by while they keep an eye out for opportunity for self-improvement – elsewhere.

We’ve seen such scenarios way too often. If this less than stellar work culture is even partially emblematic of your organization, then you need to start a dialogue with Cool Landing. We invite such organizations to the table to talk about bringing about real change.

Real change is embraced through Continuous Improvement. Continuous Improvement can only happen when you have a work culture where there is mutual trust and support up and down the chain of command. Employees are encouraged rather than discouraged to speak up. Management listens and understands that sometimes their very best approach is to embrace the “experts” (employees) in the trenches and work with them to bring about positive change. It’s a team effort that is not stove-piped or cross-sectionally shallow nor is it egocentric. It’s serious, actionable and achievable rather than stoically voiced, agreed upon and then put on hold for a “future time” whereby that innovative fire just burns out along with the staff.

Cool Landing is LEAN Six Sigma certified and has a history of assisting organizations with internal, business process improvement. We work with government and public sector organizations to systematically examine data, processes, communication, issues and responsibilities to prioritize what, how and when change should take place. We work with your staff to improve the underlying processes in order to bring about valued change that results in work culture improvements.

When employees, staff and management are empowered to ultimately improve their own work culture, everyone prospers. Your staff, your clients and those that you invest in want your organization to prosper. Call Cool Landing at (207) 636-7400 so that we can help you to become the kind of high-functioning organization that your staff and your customers deserve!