Meeting Facilitation

Have you ever seen a terrible or mediocre facilitator attempt to run a meeting?   Like plumbers or electricians, there are good ones and bad ones. And don’t be fooled by the fact that a facilitator is credentialed by some national organization. This can more often than not prove meaningless! Most of us have sat through abysmal meetings characterized by these negative traits:

  • No agenda or wrong agenda
  • Monopolized discussion
  • Constant rehashing of the same points with no end point
  • The wrong decision makers or no decisions made
  • Novelty “rewards” or recognition for participating
  • Lack of leadership
  • No time management
  • Total waste of time to attendees

Cool Landing has a proven track record in some of the most serious and complicated meetings in the country. We’ve facilitated meetings that ensure neutrality but also ensure forward progress is realized. We have facilitated complex meetings in both the public and private sectors involving business processes, nuclear power, nuclear waste and native people’s ancestral heritage concerns related to mining. We’ve run meetings related to groundwater contamination that could have far reaching effects for entire regions. We have also presided over meetings that are scientifically complex with incredible results. Again, our record speaks for itself.

We take pride in running meetings that reflect the will of the people. We know attendees are there to seek answers, make progress towards resolving issues, identify a better process or perhaps just trying to understand systemically the best means of representing their own interests. Our meetings are marked by:


  • Clear agendas
  • Neutral facilitation where competing interests are heard
  • Issues are collaboratively prioritized for resolution
  • Decisions are cooperatively made
  • Attendees agree to compromise for the good of the whole
  • Facilitator leads the group in a positive direction
  • Results and decisions are documented
  • Next steps are identified
  • Results of meetings are published and disseminated in less than 24 hours.

Additionally, we teach classes on how to run effective and better meetings. We’ll work with your staff to inculcate effective meeting techniques into their every-day work culture. There’s never a reason for your staff to waste time in a meeting. Call Cool Landing at (207) 636-7400 so that we can discuss your meeting needs today!