Executive Coaching

pic 51 of Dec 18 2012 Songs Mtg at HQAt Cool Landing, we take a holistic view of coaching to the extent of our clients’ receptivity. We focus on the professional setting, interpersonal relationships, career season and assist in setting realistic goals. On a personal level, we focus on the underlying chemistry that motivates (or not) a person vice addressing symptoms.  A recipe for success in one executive or staff person’s life is totally different from another person occupying the same position.  In other words, we tailor our coaching to the individual only after understanding who they are, why and what their needs are.  Past clients speak highly of our effective techniques and their new-found perspectives.  The below list indicates our “starting point” to coaching our clients:

  • Perform personality testing and analysis with focus on thinking preference
  • Coach the “whole person” vice targeting symptoms
  • Utilize the Socratic Method to increase self-awareness, induce observations and provide feedback and insights related to desired behavior and favorable outcomes
  • Teach awareness, identify strengths/weaknesses and strategies for Continuous Improvement
  • Provide tools and methodologies for developing new behaviors
  • Instruct introspective thinking to strengthen confidence, relationships and enhance and maintain harmony while under stress.
  • Teach conflict resolution that enhances long-term relationships vice short-term, self-centered gain.

“Rick is highly skilled in understanding and assessing situations and organizational culture. In performing a 360 review and coaching our executive staff, he listened with an open mind and formulated and articulated ideas and information that was detailed and clear using a sensitive yet direct approach.”

Kathryn Glover, MPAVP for Human Resources and Institutional Effectiveness
Secretary of the Corporation
Virginia Theological Seminary