Conflict Resolution

Cool Landing is a huge proponent of embracing the obvious; there is always going to be conflict. Whether it’s internal to a private company or federal, state and local government, conflict is going to arise between organizations and personnel. There’s never a shortage of it. There is however, a shortage of highly skilled facilitators that can harness that negative energy and turn the shareholders into effective problem solvers.

We work with our clients to proactively minimize conflict in order to retain productive work cultures and environments. Keeping conversations collaborative, informative and transparent allow our clients to shorten the conflict cycle while also forging cordial relationships for future discussions.

Often times, we are not contacted until several groups or key organizations are deeply immersed in conflict and differences have already polarized the playing field. We have experience at working with multiple competing interests to bring about stability and agreement that will often lead to harmony and understanding. We restore organizations and people to a position of clarity where they can be heard, understood and valued. Dealing from this position of strength enables our clients to move forward with confidence and optimism.

Cool Landing has experience in dealing with government agencies on national issues such as nuclear waste disposition/transportation/security and uranium mining on or near Native Americans’ tribal and ancestral land. We are adept at maintaining neutrality and guiding the public consultation and collaborative problem solving required for bringing about sustainable, collective agreements between diverse shareholders.

We also have experience in smaller, yet more intimate venues where we’ve methodically worked with clients on more personal matters to restore their people to being effective in their vocation. Helping employees to properly manage stress can be liberating to them and important to the long term welfare of the workforce. Don’t let interpersonal, relational infighting rob your organization of its productivity.

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Video of CEO Rick Daniel guiding public discussion of San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS)