• Facilitating

    Guiding people in identifying the tenants of a series of issues/processes, then synergistically leveraging collaborative efforts at developing realistic solutions.

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Success & A Cool Landing

Organizational Development for any business entity requires strength in the areas of Team Work, Process Improvement, Facilitation, Conflict Resolution, and Executive Function and Effectiveness; all geared toward Continuous Improvement.  The daily and intimate focus on constantly adjusting the “organizational recipe” is akin to a bush pilot taking his clients across the mountains to wilderness destinations.

“Routine” forays may be similar from day to day, but no two trips or clients are ever exactly the same.  It requires a constant check of the hourly conditions and synchronizing execution with client expectations.  It takes incredible preparation, clear communication, planning, team work and the ability to resolve issues, sometimes in mid flight. The accompanying video exemplifies our philosophy and character for helping business clients continuously improve in these areas in order to experience that Cool Landing every day!


Cool Landing helps corporate and government enterprise to develop and sustain a culture of Continuous Improvement through solid work ethics, high performance, improving business processes and clear communication. We do this while encouraging and facilitating balance in people’s professional and personal lives.

We believe that when these concepts are properly implemented and maintained, the customers and the employees that serve them benefit. Quality employees tend to set the bar high and in-turn become the engine behind the thriving organization. In short, people say that we empower organizations by eliciting innovative thinking and paradigm shifts for positive change. We go the extra mile so that you can be your best.

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What Others Say About Us

Rick-Outstanding! I knew you were that good. Thanks for the job well done. Got another challenge I‘m thinking about for you. Please stop by when you’ve got time. Thanks again!

Eric J. Leeds, DirectorOffice of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

My organization and I recently received excellent coaching from Cool Landing that immediately allowed me to make key adjustments in my communication style and business processes to improve our department’s work culture.

C. GunnVirginia Theological Seminary

As a Professional Facilitator, Rick Daniel was phenomenal in handling the conduct of our huge public meetings. He neutrally and methodically brought forward diverse opinions from the audience under very difficult circumstances…he was masterful and likely the best facilitator I’ve ever seen.

Richard St. OngeNuclear Regulatory Affairs and Emergency Planning
San Onofre Nuclear Generation Station

I’m writing to express our deep appreciation for the excellent work Rick did in facilitating the Public Workshop on the “Development of a Policy Statement(s) on Safety Culture and Security Culture.”… Appreciate the challenge he had in juggling the onsite commentors…webinar…A success in terms of the information that we derived from the panelists’ and attendees’ participation. His professionalism, good humor, and positive attitude contributed immeasurably.

Isabelle SchoenfeldSenior Program Manager
Office of Enforcement